Ten Days To Go!

Small Teapot

Where did all my clean tea cups go? Oh wait, I’ve used them all…

Wow, it is hard to believe after this post, I only have 10 more days to go until February concludes and then I can enjoy a brief period of crashing and focus more on my writing/read-through.

When I started my own blog-no-wrimo, I severely underestimated how time consuming it would be, especially since with each post I try to make them as informative as possible.

Even so, this experience has been a learning experience, and I’ve still been able to make progress with my read-through, though still not quite as much as I had envisioned — but once again, I severely miscalculated. However, there is still NaNoEdMo to catch up and then begin the querying process. I am also looking forward to possibly changing gears and switching back over to my Sci-Fi novel in April.

First, must get through February! So here’s to 10 more days of blog posting and hopefully some helpful writing articles, tips and prompts.


2 thoughts on “Ten Days To Go!

  1. Blogging definitely takes a significant amount of time. Especially doing it that often! You’ve had some great posts. I’m sure it will be nice to settle back into your writing routine though. šŸ™‚

    • Oh, is it ever a time suck >_<. However, I will enjoy posting once or twice a week again. Now down to five days, so hard to believe!

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