I live!

Somehow I’ve managed to survive moving during the holidays, though I still have a few more boxes to move over and a lot of organizing to complete. With that in mind, my posts will be sporadic, but I hope to at least start posting again.

Writing is another area I need to tap into again. Between signing hoards of documentation and moving, plus the additional workload of my new position at work, all my projects have fallen into the lurch. I did receive a rejection on a cyborg short story though I wasn’t too surprised since it might have been a little too slice of life for the publication. For me, the experience is really what mattered when it came to submitting. That and just being able to click the submit button.

I’m hoping to be able to hit the submit button a whole lot more this year, but I’m going to have to find my focus again if I want to achieve anything at all. I figure eventually everything is going to settle. Until then, it’s going to be about making time and sticking to my passion.


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