Writing Prompt #9: Mode of Transportation Fail

We’ve all had this happen at least once in our lifetime: transportation failure. Your car refuses to start when you have an appointment to meet. You’re cruising down the highway when your tire blows out. Your flying your airplane when bam! one of your engines goes out. Well, you get the point. And when these moments occur, we are normally assaulted with a variety of emotions, depending on the severity of the situation — anger, fear, terror, sorrow, annoyance, stress, etc. Once those emotions are past or have changed, we  then have to react to the fallout of suddenly being stranded.

For this prompt, you are going to have your character or characters experience a transportation failure, be it Humvee, tank, spaceship, horse or even yak. Start with the moment of the failure and then follow through to the consequences of the failure. How does your character — or character(s) — react to being stranded (you get to pick the location for better or for worse).

If you post a response to this prompt, share it in the comments! I will share any responses that I see on my blog (complete with a short bio of the writer and blurb about their blog) and on twitter.


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #9: Mode of Transportation Fail

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