Into The Heritage Verse: A is Agoranomi

In Heritage Lost, one member of the Oneiroi’s Agoranomi–Kyros Anagnos–is introduced. The Oneiroi, who will be receiving their own entry once we reach “O,” are based loosely off Greek mythology, and so the Agoranomi also have their roots in Greece.  They were namely magistrates of the market where they maintained order and policy. Among their duties, they settled disputes, examined of the quality of the articles exposed for sale, inspected weights and measures, collected harbor dues, and enforced the shipping regulations.

When it comes to the Agoranomi of the Heritage Verse, their roles have evolved greatly over the decades from such domestic affairs to more wide-ranging tasks that are both on-world and galactic. This growth in role was spurred by the close relationship developed by the Oneiroi and the Res Publica de Magistratus, with the latter elevating the Agoranomi above other councils the Oneiroi had established.

This decision was likely made on the part of familiarity by the Magistrate as it could see its own form of governance in the Agoranomi. To bring it even more in line with its own methods, the Magistrate pressed the Oneiroi to extend the term length of the council’s members from one year to ten years; however, it couldn’t force them to make it a term for life nor a hereditary position — even if some families have been more prone to secure a position among the Agoranomi than others.

The Agoranomi have straddled the fine line of adopting Magistrate practices and technology while trying to maintain their people’s way of life, which is less individualistic in nature, and keep a form of separation between the Oneiroi and other planets and species. They are referred to as the bridge to the Magistrate as they are the ones who undertake communication with Magistrate representatives while other councils continue to deal with only domestic matters.

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