About me

That is Waubee Lake in the background

I’m Sarah Wright, a staff writer and copy editor at The Papers Incorporated, where I work on a variety of publications from weekly newspapers to monthly and bi-monthly magazines. I was also recently named the editor for Michiana House & Home, one of its magazines. Previously, I have also done freelance work at what could best be described as a writer puppy mill. I have been with The Papers since June 2011, and what a godsend it has been.

Beyond my day job, I am an aspiring novelist, a passion that I started in elementary school. I harbor many fond memories of visiting area Young Authors Conferences with my mom, who has since passed away after battling Leukemia, where I would showcase my picture books in addition to listening to some great keynote speakers. By sixth grade, I had left behind picture books and embraced a love of history, which led me to write historical fiction novels. I started a Civil War novel, a World War II novel and a Holocaust novelette; these dabblings came to not — my inner-editor killing them as they were not historically accurate down to the second.

Junior high sparked a new transition for my writing as I found and came to love the fantasy genre — a genre I still call home. It was in the genre I could make my own history. My project start in seventh grade and by the time eighth or ninth grade rolled about I had completed my first novel, which totaled over 600 pages. I had even begun to prepare myself to publish, writing query letters, researching publishers– the whole shebang; however, I never did send it, to which I am grateful. For my age, it was actually very well written, but later in life, I probably would have been embarrassed to have it out in the public eye. Instead, I choose to view that novel and its unfinished sequel as stepping stones to becoming a better writer — and as an opening to better projects.

Through high school and the early years of college, I completed a few other projects but did not hit my groove and “The One” until my sophomore year at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. Currently, I am shopping some of my work — both that novel and a few short stories — while working on other writing projects, including a Scifi novel.

I hope you are able to take something from my ramblings. And hopefully, along the way, I will have some good news to share.


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