Final thoughts on Evernote

evernote_ipad_wallpaperPreviously, I had given a brief overview of Evernote and what it offers at a time when I was just playing around with it, promising to delve more into my experiences after I got serious with the program. That day has come, and I just have to say: I’m in love. Evernote is not just a lifesaver, but a time saver, particularly when you work on multiple devices. Though I have not used the software for this purpose, I can also see it being incredibly useful for collaborative purposes — and while I would love to test it (I am interested in giving co-authorship a try), I don’t foresee the opportunity arising anytime soon, but I am interested in hearing others’ experiences on using Evernote for this purpose.

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Partial Review: Attempting to use Evernote


So what do you have to offer me Evernote?

I had downloaded Evernote several months ago, but had never really messed around with it until this week. So far, I’m seeing a lot of potential for this program and its nifty Firefox add-on — I have yet to use the Android app — as a writer. I’ve set up separate notebooks for each of my current novel projects, and for my SciFi project, I’ve created notes that keep track of my cast of characters and their bios. I have also created a note with each setting/place that my characters stop at, which is a huge help due to some of the locations having strange names. Additionally, there are a lot of locations, some just mentioned by the characters, and they all need to be tracked.

I can see endless time savings with the Evernote Web Clipper internet Web browser add-on for writers of all genres, but perhaps more particularly for those who focus on historical fictional. While researching on the internet, all you have to do is click the little elephant icon — get it, elephants never forget, cha! — and it instantly saves the page to your notes, while giving you the option of which notebook to put it in and which tags you would like to use.

Evernote also uses tags, meaning you can attach tags to each note. Tags I have used so far include characters, settings, places. I assume as my number of notes begin to grow these tags will prove to be life and time savers.

Once I play more with Evernote, I will post more of my thoughts and opinion on this software, plus eventually the Android app.

Do you use Evernote? What are your favorite features or tips for a person, particularly a writer, just starting out with the program.